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Location: Charles Perkins Centre D17

University of Sydney, NSW, 2006, Australia

Telephone: +61 2 93513464


Regeneration of damaged tissue, US11,084,867

Scalable three-dimensional elastic construct manufacturing, US11,077,226

​Regeneration of damaged tissue, AU2019204972B2

​In vivo synthesis of elastic fiber, AU2019204915B2

​Tropoelastin for use in inducing formation of bone, EP3344280B1

​Formation of bone, US10,736,942​​​​

​Bioactive polymer for bone regeneration, AU2016314146B2​

Juejie Chen
Aleen Al Halawani
Julian Hovenden
Kekini Vahini Kuppan
Julia Ji-won Lee
Sally Linyang Liu
Ashish Mehta
Suzanne Mithieux
Iman Roohani
​Eugenia Spessot
Howard Vindin 
Ziyu Wang​
​Anthony Weiss
Miao Zhang